No-buy Challenge

It was one of those boring days at work & I chanced upon this blog when I was simply wandering on Twitter. Not that I don’t know or realize all that the author has mentioned. But sometimes, there’s this itch to buy. Probably because of all those groups I’ve joined on Facebook. Saree groups, blouse groups, shopping groups, food groups and so many more just contribute to this whole random buying spree because I just want to fit in. Oh, that blue saree is gorgeous, source please? Oh my, your jewelry is amazing. Where did you buy it? This just seems to be the norm in the last couple of years. Don’t even get me started on end-of-season sale. Every time I go to the mall seems to be end-of-season. God knows what season ends. Any of you ever read the Shopaholic series? Well, I am not that bad but .. you get the drift.

Late last month, there was a cousin’s wedding and I was packing. I realized I had so many clothes with the tag still on. To top this, I was gifted a few sarees at the wedding and of course, I had to get the blouse (read buy contrast blouse fabric) stitched immediately, buy matching (custom) jewelry and flaunt it.

It’s just not clothes. I love crockery. I love fancy cups and bowls and plates. I have too many of them now.

So, from here on out, there’s a no-buy rule. I will track and I will be honest about it. But whatever I do, it has to be sustainable in the long run. There’s no point if I stop buying for 6 months and then max out my credit card in the 7th month. No more trotting off to Home Center and picking up those gorgeous crockery.

PS: I stopped my fabbag subscription because I realized I wasn’t using the pink blush or the bright red lipstick. I also realized I am not a makeup person. I can’t, for the life of me, understand foundations, concealers, blush, compact and the likes. I am a powder poosi mai ittu, pottu vechu type of girl.

What I will buy:

  • Replace cosmetics when something gets over. If something has expired and I haven’t used it in ages, then I will throw it and won’t replace it.
  • Replace essential clothes if needed.
  • Books – This is non-negotiable

What I will also do:

  • Every weekend, I will clear a part of my wardrobe and start creating a donate / throw pile.
  • I will revisit my cosmetic crap and throw away all the stuff I don’t use.
  • This, I’ve started doing over the last few months  – stopped shopping on big basket or other online stores. There’s a mandatory Rs 1000 shopping for free delivery and I end up adding stuff that I don’t need. So, we now hop over to the store nearby and buy what I need, even if it is for Rs 10. This will continue.


Bring on the challenge. If anyone has any suggestions, tips, advise, I am all for it.


One thought on “No-buy Challenge

  1. Good going… suddenly am finding many women on this “no buy” path,. i guess online shopping has increased, and some say instagram has led to them shopping left right center…

    I for one barely shop, and when I do it is only when i absolutely need something.. cant do anything about gifts.. sigh.. I also have a policy – 1 new item= 2 old being thrown out… 😀


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